I, the primary contact/guardian, can't call or text Gabb 3 Watch. Everyone else can.

AmyH Member Posts: 2

I can receive my daughter's calls and texts, but my texts to her don't go through and my calls ring once (for me. Not at all on the watch) before a message saying the voicemail box has not been set up. How can I fix this? All other contacts work both ways.


  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hi @AmyH,

    Sorry to hear you were experiencing this trouble when trying to call and text your Gabb Watch 3. It's good to see that you were able to troubleshoot this with our Customer Support to get your device working properly through these troubleshooting steps:

    1. On the MyGabb App: Unpair from the Watch
      1. Select the “Devices” tab
      2. Select “Profile” on the watch you need to unpair
      3. Scroll to the bottom of the profile and select “Remove Device”
      4. Select “Remove and Reset”
    2. On the Watch: Factory Reset the Watch
      1. Place the watch on the charger
      2. Press the back button (top right button) 10 times fast
      3. An image will appear on the watch
      4. Select the checkmark on the watch
      5. The watch will power off, factory reset, then power back on when it’s finished
    3. Pair back to the watch.


  • kfurf
    kfurf Member Posts: 2

    Has anyone else struggled to reset their gabb 3 watch? I first tried on the app but removing and resetting, but all it did was remove the device. Then I tried on the watch and the reset screen comes up but it doesn't reset.

    I'm trying to do this because it stopping making calls. The most important this is having a reliable way to contact my kid, especially in the summer, and gabb is not delivering.

  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hi @kfurf,

    How frustrating that the troubleshooting steps did not help resolve this issue with the calling. We can see that you were able to contact our Customer Support to do these additional troubleshooting steps:

    1. Customer Support Network Reset
      1. Ask a Customer Support agent to help troubleshoot through a Network Reset
      2. Contact Customer Support by Live Chat on www.gabb.com, or by phone at 385.235.6646 Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m-6:30 p.m., MT or Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. MT
    2. Check for Software and Firmware Updates:
      1. Software: Open the ID app on the watch > Tap Update Apps until the screen says "Apps are up to date!". You may need to tap the button multiple times. This may take several minutes to finish > Turn the watch completely off by holding down the power button for 4 seconds, select the power off icon on the watch screen, wait 15 seconds, then hold the power button for another 4 seconds to turn the watch back on.
      2. Firmware: Connect to Wi-Fi > Place watch on charger. The watch must be charged to at least 30% before updating > Open the Check for Updates app > Tap the update button. The watch will automatically restart when the update is done.

    Due to your device not responding to the troubleshooting and qualifying for a replacement, our team was able to send out a new device to you. Your old device will be sent back to Gabb for further investigation. Thank you for taking the time to work with Customer Support on this.


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