My Gabb 3 will not connect to network

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I just bought a Gabb 3 watch, and it did not work when it came out of the box. I was sent a replacement watch, but the new one is doing the same thing. As soon as I startup the watch it will search for a network, but it will never find one. Can anyone help me with this issue?


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    Hi @Sylvia,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your new Gabb Watch. It sounds like your watches may not be active with a cellular plan/number.

    Gabb devices (including watches) that are ordered as new lines from (not using methods like Buy With Prime) ship active. These types of Gabb Watch 3's are ready to pair when they arrive as shown here.

    Devices ordered from marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, replacement devices and upgrades etc need to be activated. You can visit to activate those types of devices.

    If for whatever reason you're having trouble on setting up a replacement or upgrade device that has not been activated yet, you can transfer cell service to your new Watch by doing the following steps:

    1. Unpair the old Watch that is being replaced from the MyGabb App (if it had been paired previously)
      1. Click the device profile in the MyGabb App, scroll to the bottom and select Remove Device
    2. Login to
    3. Select View Details under the old line.
    4. Select Activate Device
    5. Select the type of new device (i.e Watch).
    6. Enter the new SIM/ICC number (found on the back of the Gabb Watch 3's box).
    7. Select Continue

    The replacement or upgraded Gabb Watch 3 will then be able to be paired to your parent MyGabb app as shown here


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