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The next level in clean music streaming for kids and teens is here. Introducing Gabb Music+

Gabb Music+ lets you search for artists and songs, build your own playlists, download music for offline listening and more. Check out our Gabb Music page for details.

To get Gabb Music+ you can:

  1. Update your phone plan to an Advanced Plan as shown here. Gabb Music+ is bundled into this plan at no extra charge.
  2. Change or add a Gabb Music+ subscription "á la carte". This is a great option for customers who do not want to change to an Advanced Plan. To do so, log in to your Gabb Account online at, click Subscriptions and change the subscription on the phone line to Gabb Music+. If using this method, make sure your child stays logged into the same Gabb ID on their device that they used with their original Gabb Music subscription.

Gabb Music is currently only available for Gabb phones and not on Gabb watches at this time.



  • Kelsbog
    Kelsbog Member Posts: 2

    How can I submit artists to be added to the catalog? My daughter’s favorite (clean) music artists are not in there yet.

  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin


    This is a great question! Our team does not currently have a form to fill out to give feedback of suggested artists. We'd love for a thread to be started in the Feature Idea page. You can make a post about Music/Artist Suggestions of your favorite artist. This will encourage other customers to do the same! From there, our Music Team will can look through the thread and continually improve the safe music list moving forward. Thank you!


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