Continuing Issue with Gabb Watch 3

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I received a new Gabb watch for my son about a month ago. I didn't touch it for a few days due to being busy. Not an issue though.

I got around to beginning the change over from the old watch 2 to the new 3 and it's gone very poorly.

From the beginning I've had problems getting this thing to pair with my Gabb app, it insisted I build some sort of profile for my son which I did. Then after finishing it, it tells me it has problems with my son's Gabb ID and errors out.

Contacted support and they walked me through removing the entire app and deleting the local data. That helped get me further at least. However, it still claims to have problems with the Gabb ID. I contacted support again via email and once they responded. I basically was told "Sorry this is happening to you, a lot of people are having a similar issue and our developers are looking into it. Please be patient while this is resolved." Fair enough, I'm a laid back guy and the watch isn't absolutely crucial for anything right now especially with the kids out of school.

However, I didn't expect that the problem would persist for more than a month. I bought the new watch just as school ended in May and we are in Jul and no closer to a resolution than when we began.

The thing that is the biggest pain is the fact that I am still being charged for the line even while it is completely unusable. I've sent this to support with the comment that as long as I am credited for all the time that the watch is unusable. That is fine.

I hope that those of your who are also having such issues are patient with them. I believe they mean well but I really hope that these issues are not indicative of future trends.



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    Hello @Philip10,

    Thank you for sharing this experience. Apologize for any trouble or frustration you experienced with getting your new Gabb Watch 3 paired to your MyGabb app. It's great that you were able to reach out to Customer Support to troubleshoot this and get your device working properly now. We're happy to see that you were able to get this resolved. Thank you for using Customer Support as a resource!

    For customers experiencing trouble pairing to their Gabb Watch 3, here are some troubleshooting steps to start with before reaching out to Customer Support:

    1. Ensure your MyGabb App is on the most recent update
      1. Pull up your App Store or Google Play Store and check for updates
    2. If your new device is an Upgrade or Replacement device, make sure the new device is activated. This can be done through If you're having troubles through that experience at all, you can set up the upgrade or replacement Watch as follows:
      1. Remove the old watch from the MyGabb App by clicking on the device profile in the app and scrolling down to "Remove Device"
      2. Login to you Gabb account from a computer at Transfer cell service to the new watch by scrolling to the old device, selecting View Details, and selecting Activate Device. This flow will ask your for the IMEI and ICC number of the new Watch (found on the box or packaging). This transfers cell service to the new watch.
      3. Turn the new Watch off and back on (or turn it on). Repair the watch as shown here.

    Hope this helps!


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