Why won't my Gabb Music connect to my child's ID?

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When i try to open the music app on their phone i get a message that says i need to activate gabb music. But I can see on my account online, on the subscriptions page that my child's ID has the gabb music included in our plan. There doesn't seem to be a place to activate it, i am just subscribed to it. Also we are logged into the gabbID on the phone and connected to wifi.



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    Hi @ovenmitt,

    Great question! There are a few different factors that go into ensuring Gabb Music works properly on your Gabb Phone 3 Pro. You mentioned a few above and I'd be happy to add another troubleshooting step:

    1. Gabb Phone 3 Pro Starter, Standard, and Advanced Plan
      1. Each plan has different features available upon activation. The Starter Plan does not include Gabb Music or Gabb Music+. The Standard Plan includes Gabb Music, not Gabb Music+. The Advanced Plan includes Gabb Music+ as part of the plan. Make sure you're on the correct plan by logging into your account on a computer at gabb.com/account. On the device in question, you can click Manage next to Plan Details and choose the plan that works best for you for Music.
    2. Ensure your Gabb Phone 3 Pro is logged into the Gabb ID.
      1. On the Gabb device, open the Gabb ID App. Login to your childs GabbID. If they've forgotten their GabbID password, it can be reset by logging into your Gabb account online at gabb.com/account. If they've never had one or created on, click on the Create a Gabb ID button > Enter a username and password > Enter verification code. This code is sent to the parent/account holder email.
    3. Customer Support "Gabb Sync"
      1. If you are unable to access Gabb Music or Gabb Music+ after following the steps above, our Customer Support can do a sync to your account called a "Gabb Sync". This will sync the Music subscription to the device and help with any error you are experiencing.

    It looks like our Customer Support has reached out to you to help with this. Please reach back out to them at your earliest convenience to get this resolved.


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