Gabb Watch 3 Overheating/Cool Down Issue

bladerunn3r Member Posts: 2

I recently upgraded my kids watch from the 2nd gen to the Gabb Watch 3.
From day one it's had overheating issues. It says it needs to "cool down" and shuts itself off.
Gabbs "troubleshooting" steps are software and firmware updates--all of which I've done.

When talking to support they say it can overheat due to "being in the sun" and excessive app use.
I have a whole set of thoughts around a wearable device that can't even be in the sun (outdoors, exactly where you'd expect kids to be while wearing their watch!).

Is this a known design/engineering/hardware issue? It seems to be constantly "overheating", even indoors, while not in use. Ive reached out to their support and got a standard, its not us its you type response. They are currently doing some kind of internal "sync" and told me to wait 24 hours to see if the issue corrects itself.

Anyone running into something similar?


  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hi @bladerunn3r,

    Thank you for sharing this experience you have had with your Gabb Watch 3. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are experiencing with it overheating. This is definitely not typical for the device to experience. Being in the sun is one actions that could cause the device to overheat along with low network connection or overuse of the device.

    Thank you for troubleshooting with Customer Support and doing the sync to troubleshoot this. If you are continuing to see overheating issues after this sync, please respond back to the Customer Support outreach so our team can continue to investigate this with you. Thank you!


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