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For a month now, my daughter has not been able to send or get messages. She has also not had her phone ring when called. The bill has been paid on time. It shows a signal and she is also still connected to our WiFi. I have tested it multiple times. I have called her while sitting next to her and it not ring on her phone. I have sent messages that went through on my side, but she doesn’t get. She has also tried sending me messages which never come in. I have emailed GABB support with this problem and have not gotten any reply. If it isn’t going to work when I need it then I want to cancel before next bill. Anyone had this problem and if so what was done to fix it?




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    Hi CryChee,

    Sorry to hear that you were having trouble with calling, texting on your Gabb Phone (Z2). Happy to see that you were helped by our Customer Support team by doing the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Reprovisioned the line with Customer Support
    2. Followed these steps:
      1. Open Settings App > System > Reset Options > Reset WiFi & Bluetooth > Reset App Preferences > Reset Apps > RESET SETTINGS

    Glad that worked for you!

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    This happened to my childs phone. The customer service reprovisioned ours too and it worked after that.

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    I left my kid home alone for the first time and his phone wouldn’t let him call anyone and I couldn’t call him. It was awful and he was terrified. Can’t get anyone to chat or respond to my concerns to fix it. I’m sooooooo unimpressed by this phone!

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    So sorry to hear about this experience you and your child had! I'm happy to see our Customer Service was able to reach out to you after your chat unexpectedly disconnected. They will be able to continue helping you through email to help answer your questions.

  • OliveMom
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    My daughter has repeatedly had this problem- the phone and text services not working- on and off for several months. We have had the customer service reps reprovision the line repeatedly and it usually helps, but only temporarily. They have done several other things and the issue remains unresolved. We have several times when my daughter was unable to contact me, or I her, for hours at a time. Things get fixed temporarily, but then it suddenly stops working again- sometimes at very upsetting times when she really needed her phone. But even when I am able to reach a customer service rep, it can sometimes take days to get that temp fix and we are without service in the meantime.

    There must be something more that can be done so that my daughter can have reliable phone service.

  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @OliveMom,

    So sorry to hear you have been experiencing trouble with the network on your device. Thank you for troubleshooting with Customer Support to help find a permanent fix. It sounds like you have continued to see the same issue persist on your device, unfortunately.

    Due to your continual trouble, our Customer Support team can further troubleshoot this by looking into replacing the SIM card or the device itself if it qualifies. Thank you for working with our team to make this right.


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