Gabb Music - now won't work, even with Music+ upgrade - can't log into Gabb ID to fix it!

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We've had Gabb Music for more than 6 months. It worked fine on cellular and wifi until last week,, when it stopped working.

When we tried to use it, it stated, "connect to your Gabb ID".

When trying to log in to the Gabb ID, it states,

"something unexpeded happened. please check your network connetion and try again"

We can't figure out if the phone cannot connect to the internet (it shows "connected" to the WiFi),

or the Gabb ID app can't connect.

Please help!




  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @mark,

    Sorry about your Gabb Music+ not working. I just checked with our support team and they heard from a few users that they had been logged out of their GabbID app on the child's Gabb phone, which would cause Music to not work! Here's what is recommended:

    1. Make sure you're on an Advanced plan for that phone line OR have added Gabb Music+ as an "a la carte" subscription add on (sound like you guys are good here). You can do this from your Gabb Account on a computer at From the dashboard, you can manage the plan that the device in question is on.
    2. If you're on an Advanced plan, make sure that you are logged into any GabbID username inside the Gabb ID app on the device. If you've added Gabb Music+ as an "á la carte" subscription add on, make sure you're logged into the same Gabb ID username on the Gabb device that you originally used when adding Gabb Music+. This sounds like the step you're having issues with (getting logged back into your Gabb ID on the Gabb device). Here's what our support team recommends:
      1. Reset network settings: Open settings app > General Management > Reset > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS
      2. Reconnect to WiFi. Forget the WiFi network and re-connect to it.
      3. Log back into Gabb ID on the Gabb device

    Let us know if those steps work (or don't work) for you and we'll make sure and update our Product team. Keep us updated!

  • PKT
    PKT Member Posts: 2

    I have the same issue happening. I did everything you recommended in the message above and it still won't let me sign into her Gabb ID app on her phone. I'm using the same login info as the My Account parent site. Any ideas for me to try?

    Thank you!

  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin
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    Hi @PKT,

    Sorry you are experiencing some trouble getting logged into the Gabb ID. The username and password used to log into your Gabb Account on the website and MyGabb app is different from the Gabb ID profile. You will want to create a username and password that is specific to the Gabb Phone user. You can do this by following these steps:

    1. Open the Gabb ID App on the Gabb Phone
    2. Click on the “Create a Gabb ID” button.
    3. Enter a username and password (different from the parent login)
    4. Enter verification code. This code is sent to the parent/account holder email. This is the Parent Gabb Account - the email that was first setup during the initial checkout experience with Gabb.
    5. Finish setup

    If a Gabb ID profile has already been created through the Gabb ID and the username or password has been forgotten, you can reset the password in your Gabb Account:

    1. Log into your Gabb Account at
    2. From the dashboard scroll down to your 'Other Devices'
    3. Click 'Add Child Info' on the device in question
    4. Click 'View Details
    5. Click 'Edit Personal Details'
    6. 'Change Password'

    This will help resolve the issue you are experiencing!


  • RHarrington
    RHarrington Member Posts: 2

    We are having the same issue and none of this has resolved it. We are going on three weeks with no access to music. We were told it was because we had been throttled and that it would reset when our plan reset for the month on June 15. It did not reset and we still are getting the same message.

    —We have the advanced plan that includes music.

    —She is logged in on her phone using the account name she created.

    My questions:

    How do I resolve this and get compensated for the lost time?

    Why doesn't it work when she's connected to Wifi? The data issue should not be an issue if we are using wifi.

  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hi @RHarrington,

    Thank you for sharing that you have followed the troubleshooting steps in this thread. Sorry that they did not resolve this issue for you. The next troubleshooting step in this situation would be to have Customer Support look further into what could be causing the subscription to not sync to your Gabb Phone. Please contact Customer Support by chat on, or by phone at 385.235.6646 Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m-6:30 p.m., MT or Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. MT.


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