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Is there a way to set times that certain apps/calling/texting can be used on the Gabb Phone 3 Pro? I would like to let my child take the phone to school next year for a specific app he needs to use, but don’t want to allow other apps or texting/calling during school hours.



  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hi @Andrea,

    When the Gabb Phone 3 Pro is on the Advanced plan, parents do have the ability to manage (enable/disable) 3rd party apps through their MyAccount. You can do this by following these steps:

    1. Login to you parent Gabb Account online at gabb.com/account
    2. Select Gabb App Store
    3. Select applicable Gabb device
    4. Enable desired 3rd party appTo download the now enabled app on the Gabb phone, make sure your Gabb device is connected to WiFi. Open the GabbID App on the device. You must be signed in on the GabbID App with the child’s GabbID. Tap check for updates. The app will now download and be in your app drawer on the device.

    Although our Gabb Watch 3 currently has the ability to set quiet times via the MyGabb App, the Gabb Phone 3 Pro does not yet have this same feature. The idea for managing quiet times or certain app usage during custom schedules for the Gabb Phone 3 Pro is a great idea. We'd love to have you share on the feature idea post. Thank you!


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