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I got my child this phone to take on a vacation to his parent's house. We tried it out before we left for a couple days, all worked fine (other than immediately getting spam texts-how do you delete those?). Got to the airport for him to leave and all of a sudden his outgoing text stopped working. He can receive texts, but not send. He can make/receive phone calls. Has anyone else had this problem. Tech support can't help me if the phone is not with me. That certainly doesn't help. It happened about the same time I got an email stating my Gabb line has been data throttled. We don't have data. Just talk and text. For being such a simple phone, this has been so difficult to get started and running smoothly.


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    Hi @New2This

    Sorry for any trouble and concern this situation caused! It's good to see that you were able to troubleshoot with our Customer Support agent to get your device up and working again. The following troubleshooting step is a great place to start troubleshooting on the Gabb Phone 3 Pro in a situation like yours:

    • Settings App > General Management > Reset > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS

    The reason Customer Support encourages customers to have the device present while troubleshooting is to ensure the proper steps are taken on the Gabb device itself. In your situation where you could still contact the device to communicate the proper troubleshooting steps, Customer Support would be able to move forward with troubleshooting.


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    We have had this phone for less then a month and are experiencing the same issue. Got the Throttled email , and "chatted' with support and we reset the phone. Thinking it was working again we moved on. Now I find out my son cannot make any calls out or text out, but can receive. @Reagan, I tried your suggestion and the phone doesn't do anything when I follow these prompts. I did try the "reset all" and that did not work either. We have 2 boys so we got two phone but are only having this continuous issue with the one phone.

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    Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing trouble with one of your new Gabb Phone 3 Pros. Thank you for doing the troubleshooting steps from above. There are more troubleshooting steps that can be done next:

    1. Update Firmware and Software on the Gabb Phone 3 Pro:
      1. Navigate to the Knox E Fota app and check for updates
      2. Google Play Store app and tap the circle in the top right > Manage Apps and Devices > The second line should say "All apps up to date" or "Download/install updates."
    2. Network Reset with Customer Support:
      1. Ask a Customer Support agent to help troubleshoot through a Network Reset
      2. Contact Customer Support by Live Chat on www.gabb.com, or by phone at 385.235.6646 Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m-6:30 p.m., MT or Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. MT

    It looks like our Customer Support has reached out to continue troubleshooting this with you. Please respond back to them at your earliest convenience. Thank you!


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