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I'm new to the Gabb watch world and my son has some friends who use other watch devices (Gizmo, for example). When he tries to contact this friend using their watches, it tells him "the wireless customer you called is not available at this time. please try your call again later."

Do Gabb watches communicate with other kid watch brands and I'm just missing something?


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    Hi @Kirst712

    We are sorry that your son's Gabb Watch 3 and his friend's Gizmo Watch are unable to call each other. When it comes to child watch-to-watch communication, it is important that each watch is added as a contact to the other. In this scenario, the Gabb Watch 3 would need to have the Gizmo Watch as a contact and the Gizmo Watch needs to have the Gabb Watch 3 added as a contact on their end as well.

    If calls and texts are going through just fine for all your son's other contacts, then this is most likely the case or the Gizmo Watch is having issues with their service. However, we are always happy to look into this with you on our customer support line at 385-235-6646 or via chat at



  • Kirst712
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    Thank you, Jayden. I appreciate the follow up. I think we were able to get it resolved. You are correct that the Gizmo user needed to add him as a contact. 😀

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