Gabb Messenger Parents not showing texts from kids phone (Samsung) Android

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Does anyone know how to set up your messenger on an Android (Samsung) phone so that you can see who you child is messaging? I only have an option to where it says flagged messages and the ability to do a video call.



  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @AngPat80

    Gabb Messenger Parent allows parents to be notified when flagged messages are received or sent to their child's Gabb Messenger on their Gabb Phone. This feature does not allow for every text sent or received to be seen through the app, rather just the items flagged as potentially harmful. Here are the main features of Gabb Messenger Parent at this time:

    1. Be notified of messages their child receives that are potentially harmful.
    2. Safe Video Call their child.
    3. Manage the text message deletion settings for their child (i.e. never delete, only after 30 days etc).
    4. Manage the child's approved contacts. This features is only available on iOS (coming soon to Android). The approved contacts list applies to texting for all Gabb phones and applies to calling as well for the Gabb Phone 3 Pro

    To set it up:

    • Make sure your child is signed into a Gabb ID in the Gabb ID app on their device
    • Download Gabb Messenger Parent app on the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)
    • Login using your Gabb Account credentials (same login as if you were logging in at


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