We've love summer with our watch - does anyone wish they could draw more accurate "safe zone" areas?

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Our gabb watch is so fun! We're having a great summer letting our kid play outside more. He has his watch on so we're feeling more comfortable about letting him roam a bit since we can track the general location and call him.

One thing we're thinking we'd like to see is the ability to create a more specific "safe zone" area. Right now, we can only create circles. Would be amazing if we could draw lines and map out our block or property etc. Anyone else feel this way?



  • HollyBowman22
    HollyBowman22 Member Posts: 9

    Same! Me and my husband love that our kids are playing outside a bit more this summer. Being able to call and track them give us so much peace of mind! Love that idea of drawing a specific zone (like if they cross the street).

  • ReaganKowal
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    Hey @Keith and @HollyBowman22

    We love that you guys are enjoying summer and having your kids outside more! We love hearing that your Gabb Watch 3s have been a good addition to your families this summer.

    GPS location technology for our Safe Zones is pretty tricky to do things like draw custom lines around your house, for example. Our Safe Zones currently support creating circular zones of different sizes as you mentioned. If the watch leaves that zone, you'll be notified via the MyGabb. That being said, please send this idea as a Feature Idea. You can post the idea, upvote on it, and upvote other ideas as well! Thanks!


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