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  • Ala
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    Hi! Did anyone have issue with the watch not turning on? It's stuck on booting logo until battery dies. I charge it and try to turn on again, and again it gets stuck. I've tried all kinds of long presses, 10 fast short presses for reset etc etc, it doesn't react. I've sent email to support but wanted to see if someone has a solution.


  • Parkagirl
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    Our Gabb watch, 8 months old, is stuck cycling through its launch sequence. It repeats the logo graphic over and over until the watch gets so hot from being on for hours that it shuts down. We can't turn it off. The hard shut down doesn't work and the hard factory reset doesn't work. Back end service person "sync" didn't work. We've tried to reboot it several times (after it overheats) and each time, same issue. I haven't seen this one come up on the Support page. Anyone else?

  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @Ala and @Parkagirl,

    Sorry to hear you have been experiencing trouble with your Gabb Watch 3. There are several troubleshooting steps listed above in this thread that can help with this error. It sounds like both of you have attempted these troubleshooting steps but did not see results. We see that Customer Support was able to reach out to get you exchanged for new devices and get those devices back to us for analysis. Thank you for working with us!


  • Lauren
    Lauren Member Posts: 4

    I’m having this same issue now. What was the fix??

  • ReaganKowal
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    @Lauren Sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble with your Gabb Watch 3 not going past the loading screen. Here is the first troubleshooting steps to try:

    1. Factory Reset the Gabb Watch
      1. Place the watch on the charger
      2. Press the back button (top right button) 10 times fast
      3. An image will appear on the watch
      4. Select the checkmark on the watch
      5. The watch will power off, factory reset, then power back on when it’s finished

    If you do not receive the checkmark from these steps, please reach out to our Customer Support by chat on, or by phone at 385.235.6646 Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m-6:30 p.m., MT or Saturday from 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. MT. They will be able to look further into this with you to help get this resolved.


  • StacieP_87
    StacieP_87 Member Posts: 2

    I am also having this problem! Long presses and short presses didn’t work. Did the removing device and trying to re-pair watch help anyone?

  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @StacieP_87,

    Thank you for following the troubleshooting steps! Here are the steps to pair back to your Gabb Watch 3:

    • Enable Bluetooth on your parent smartphone.
    • On your parent smartphone, make sure your MyGabb App is up to date in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android ) for a smoother onboarding experience.
    • Log in to the MyGabb App using your Gabb Account credentials, which consist of the email and password you provided during your initial order setup.
    • Select Add Device > Gabb Watch 3.
    • Ensure your Gabb Watch 3 is powered on and Bluetooth is enabled on your parent smartphone and your smartphone will detect the Gabb Watch 3. This process can take up to a few minutes.
    • Connect the new Gabb Watch 3 to your Wi-Fi network in the MyGabb App on the parent device. Connecting to Wi-Fi helps the watch get more accurate locations and will allow for critical software updates to be performed, including adding new apps to your child’s watch.
    • Enter the child’s (the watch user’s) information. This will automatically log your child into the Gabb ID on their watch once pairing is complete.
    • Watch pairing is complete!

    This Gabb Watch 3 pairing process is shown here

    Hope this helps!

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