How do we use video calling?

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Supposedly Gabb has a "Safe Video Calling" feature. How are we supposed to get that to work? Feeling a little frustrated not knowing how to facetime my child

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  • Robert Dean
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    Hi there Jo,

    Sorry you're feeling frustrated. Never fun trying communicate with your child and not being able to. Here are steps and info on using Safe Video Calling:

    1. Make sure your child is using a Gabb phone (Gabb Phone 3 Pro etc). Video calling is not available on Gabb watches at this time.
    2. Make sure your child is logged into a Gabb ID inside the Gabb ID app on their device.
    3. Download the Gabb Messenger Parent app (available for iOS on the App Store or Android in the Google Play Store). Login using your Gabb Account credentials - the same username and password you use when logging in online at
    4. In the Gabb Messenger Parent app, tap Controls and toggle Safe Video Calling on or off.

    The video call settings may take a few hours to sync but you can expedite this process by going to Settings > Troubleshooting > Sync Settings in your child's Gabb Messenger app on their device.

    In addition to Safe Video Calling, the Gabb Messenger Parent app will notify you if high risk content (explicit images, links or harmful words from from unknown contacts etc) are being sent or received. For more info on features of Gabb Messenger see our Gabb Messenger product page.



  • joshua1980
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    YEs my child can video call like 8 people all the sudden and can video call me I would change some things but it's ok

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