Is there a way to restore contacts and settings on Gabb watch 3?

Mat Member Posts: 2

I had to do a factory reset to fix the watch. I thought Gabb ID was backing up settings like contacts, text presets, quiet times, safe zones, etc. But it doesn't look like it, and I can't find any info on restoring these settings. I really don't want to spend a bunch of time getting that all set up again. As we know it is not a quick process. And I'm sure I'll have to factory reset it again eventually when it stops working again. Hopefully I can restore these settings.


  • ReaganKowal
    ReaganKowal Moderator Posts: 129 Admin

    Hello @Mat,

    Thank you for this post and for this feedback. A backup feature through the Gabb ID is not currently available on the Gabb Watch 3 at this time. Our team is continually looking into new features to best fit our customers daily lives.

    This feature has been suggested on our Feature Idea page. Our team uses this a a resource to potential future updates. Give that post a vote so our team can know the interest customers have in this feature. Thank you!


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