Let parents choose what music our child can listen to in Gabb Music

StaceyMatlock85 Member Posts: 7

Hi Gabb. We're really enjoying Gabb Music+

Please allow us parents control on what music and content can be accessed by our children on the app. We need to be able to "whitelist" music. I understand that the music is curated and free of explicit material, but we'd like to be able to determine what they can listen to. Thanks.

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  • ElizabethR
    ElizabethR Member Posts: 2

    I would also like to be able to set time limits for the music app.

  • cedixon
    cedixon Member Posts: 4

    I agree! There are lyrics that may not curse, but are still just as damaging by the image that they glorify and implant in our youth. As a parent, I would like the ability to regulate and eliminate that from my teenager's phone.

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