How to get apps added to the Gabb phone 3?

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I upgraded my son's gabb phone to the 3 because his old one never worked, his text messages would not go thru, he couldn't receive calls on it...sadly this new phone isn't any better AND we can't figure out why the apps I've "added" never get added. We've tried for days...any helpful tips on how to get the apps to his app store?

Also, my other son has the gabb watch and none of his "fun things" work- the pedometer stays at zero all day, even the calculator doesn't work. Feeling pretty discouraged over here!


  • WingZero
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    Approved several apps for my sons phone through the gabb website dashboard. Today, none of them are approved - however, he still has them all on his phone. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Hi @HMarie2022 and @WingZero,

    A few things that might help here. Parent enabled third party apps are available to Pro Gabb phone models (i.e. Gabb Phone 3 Pro) on Advanced type plans. Here's some steps to check:

    1. Make sure you're using a Gabb Phone 3 Pro
    2. Make sure it's on an Advanced plan. From a computer, login to From the Dashboard, scroll down to the device in question. Check Plan Details . You can click Manage to change the plan to Advanced (if needed).
    3. Make sure your child is logged into a Gabb ID in the Gabb ID app on their phone.
    4. Enable (and disable) apps for them from your account ( Click Gabb App Store and enable the app for the device there.
    5. Once enabled, they can download the app from the Play Store app on their device.

    A few things that might help are making sure that they're connected to WiFi for the app enabling process. Sometimes it takes a few minutes. If you've done all that and it's still not working let us know so we can make sure our product teams can look into this!


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