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We loved the Gabb Watch 2 so much that we decided to upgrade my son to the Gabb Watch 3 and it has been great so far. However, when my first bill came out, it had two lines on it and I only have one watch! I just got charged again for the 2nd line… help!


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    Hi @monkeythekitty

    So sorry that the bill was higher than expected this month. What may have occurred here is a new line was purchased instead of just the device being upgraded. This is a common mistake that can be corrected! Please reach out to our Billing team at 385-235-6646 and they can get that second line removed and adjust the payment.

    Just in case the steps are needed for the future, here is how to upgrade a device:

    1. On a computer, sign in to your Gabb Account at
    2. Click on Upgrade Device the left hand side
    3. Choose device you're wanting to upgrade
    4. Go through normal checkout process

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