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With Gabb Phone 3 Pro, can I use Map with Starter contract?


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    Hi @Young,

    Good question! The Gabb Maps app is available to the StarterStandard and Advanced plans on Gabb Phone 3 Pro. Gabb Maps is one of our essential apps. This is different from our Gabb Approved Apps, which are 3rd party apps that can be approved by the parent. These are only available on our Pro model phones on the Advanced plan. If you're interested in having those Gabb Reviewed Apps (3rd party apps), here are the steps to getting on an Advanced plan and how to add apps and disable apps.

    1. Upgrade your plan to Advanced:
      1. From a computer, login to your Gabb Account online at gabb.com/account
      2. From the Dashboard, scroll down to the device in question. Check Plan Details and click Manage to change the plan to Advanced
    2. Enable and disable apps for your child:
      1. Make sure your child is logged into a Gabb ID inside the Gabb ID app on their device.
      2. Enable (and disable) apps from your account (gabb.com/account). Click Gabb App Store and enable the app for the device there.
      3. Once enabled, they can download the app from the Play Store app on their device.

    Hope this helps!


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