New Phone Already Activated and Set Up with Admin

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I just received my daughter's new phone. However, when I tried to activate it tells me the IMEI is already active and the phone has an admin limiting the function of the phone so I can't reset it. This is frustrating and I can't get a hold of Gabb support through the normal channels.


  • ReaganKowal
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    Hi @Jmagically,

    Exciting to hear about your new Gabb Phone 3! Sorry for any confusion or frustration with the activation of the new device. There are two options when it comes to the activation of your new device:

    1. When a new line phone device is ordered through our website, it will be delivered activated, and ready to be used. There is no need to activate it as it was activated before delivery. Your ready to turn the phone on and use. The parent can download the MyGabb App and Gabb Messenger Parent
    2. When ordering through Amazon/Walmart etc OR a replacement/upgraded device for an existing line, the phone will not be activate upon delivery. The user will want to visit to get the device activated or service transferred to the new device from the old one.

    It looks like you were able to reach out to our Customer Support for some assistance with this. Love to see it!


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