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I am so frustrated with these watches! One watch is 6 months old, and the other watch we have had for 1 month. I talked to support several weeks ago because the location tracking is so delayed - either kid can be away from home for 20 minutes before I get alerted. Neither watch is tracking steps, one watch battery doesn't last more than 6 hours. I have done the GPS troubleshootong, done the battery troubleshooting. The customer support person did something on their end to sync the steps. He said if this didn't help, to unpair the devices and add them again. That's where I am now. Did the first watch with no problems. Removed the second watch, and cannot re-pair it. It doesn't show up on my app. I can still send messages and call that watch, but it does not show up on my account. My husband cannot communicate with either watch now. I did nothing different with the second watch!!! Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Hi @Skittle,

    So sorry to hear of the frustrations you have experienced with your Gabb Watch 3. Your frustration is heard as we can understand the importance of each of these features. Thank you for continually reaching back out to Customer Support to troubleshoot your devices. It looks like you were able to resolve the GPS issues through troubleshooting by following these steps:

    • On the MyGabb App: Unpair from the watch
      • Select the “Devices” tab
      • Select “Profile” on the watch you need to unpair
      • Scroll to the bottom of the profile and select “Remove Device”
      • Select “Remove and Reset”
    • On the Watch: Factory Reset the watch
      • Place the watch on the charger
      • Press the back button (top right button) 10 times fast
      • An image will appear on the watch
      • Select the checkmark on the watch
      • The watch will power off, factory reset, and then power back on when it’s finished
    • Pair back to the watch.

    Our team is currently looking into the trouble with the Step Counter as other customers have seen this as well. You can follow this discussion post here for updates coming soon! Thank you for working with us on this.


  • longson
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    Same thing happened to me as well. And also the watch has been overheating. The GPS has not been updating, the teach also reset the watch 3. I just find this inconvenient for me. They tried so many times to fix this watch and I am just over it. I would be happy to return the watch and no termination fee. This is such a hassle.

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    I'm soooooooo frustrated. We just upgraded to a gabby 3 and it's a nightmare. The calling function stopped working so I tried to remove and reset from my phone which removed the watch but didn't reset it. Then I tried to factory reset on the watch which isn't working either. Now I have a watch that;s I can't connect to the app and doesn't reset.

    The most important component of a watch is reliability, and gabb function isn't reliable. I'm very disappointed in the product.

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    How often should we have to do the unpair and factory reset to get location services to work? That was the answer a couple of months ago when it wasn't working. We did that, and then it worked for a couple of weeks. So now the answer is to again factory reset? Do we just have to expect to do that once per month for location services to work? We were out of state for five days and my child's location showed at home the entire time even after I tried multiple times to manually update her location.

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