Gabb came out with a Gabb Phone 4 Pro. I recently got the Gabb Phone 3 Pro what's the difference?

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Just saw that Gabb came out with the Gabb phone 4 pro. A few months ago I got my daughter the gabb phone 3 pro. Wondering what the difference is? If I would have known they were coming out with a new phone I might have waited a few months…


  • StaceyMatlock85
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    We have a Gabb Phone 3 Pro as well. It's very similar to the Gabb Phone 4 Pro that was just released. Looks like the following differences:

    • Gabb Phone 3 Pro is a Samsung A13. Gabb Phone 4 Pro is a Samsung A15
    • Slightly improved selfie camera on the Gabb Phone 4 Pro
    • Some more storage on the device

    Other than that, they're pretty much similar. I think if you have an original Gabb Phone or an older Gabb Phone Plus the upgrade to Gabb Phone 4 Pro would we really worth it. Upgrade from a Gabb Phone 3 Pro to a Gabb Phone 4 Pro? Probably not necessary.

    For my other child on a Gabb Phone Plus we'll be upgrading that one to a Gabb phone 4 Pro for sure. Choose an advanced plan type and you can enable third party apps from your gabb account online. Nice for us because my daughter is getting older and needs apps for school and such. Advanced plan type as has their music+ included (like a clean Spotify).

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    Hi @JoBruun,

    Very exciting news about the new Gabb Phone 4 Pro release. @StaceyMatlock85 is correct that the Gabb Phone 3 Pro is very similar to the Gabb Phone 4 Pro and some of the differences between them. You can also learn more about this new device here on the Gabb website!

    If you'd like to upgrade your current Gabb device to a Gabb Phone 4 Pro, you can do so anytime by:

    1. Login to your Gabb account from a computer at
    2. Select Upgrade Device and choose a Gabb Phone 4 Pro and plan
    3. When it arrives, visit to activate your upgraded device


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