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I recently got a new phone number and I’m not able to update primary contact info (I.e. replace old number with new number). Any suggestions on how to achieve that?



  • ReaganKowal
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    Great question @Heybutton!

    There are two important steps that need to be completed to get your new number updated as a primary contact.

    1. Update Account Phone Number in your MyAccount
      1. Log into your MyAccount on the Gabb website
      2. Select Account Information
      3. Find Account Phone Number
      4. Update and Save Changes
    2. Unpair/Repair to your Gabb Watch
      1. Unpair: MyGabb app > Devices > Profile > Remove Device
      2. Repair: Steps shown here

    Once you get paired back to your device, you will see the updated phone number to the primary contact. Hope this helps!


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