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I get the idea of filtered calls instead of just blocking all unknown numbers but my son got his phone yesterday and has had at least 2 spam calls an hour calling his phone... I'd like the option to block all numbers because this is ridiculous. Also, I'd like to be able to delete these calls from his recent calls so he cannot call them back. Even blocked he can call the numbers. I don't think he will but how is that safe?

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    Something that works for us is using contact management with the Gabb Messenger Parent from my iPhone. My daughter has a gabb phone 3 pro and using the app we can choose to do contact management and I decide who she can text and call. I know on the gabb watch 3 we use the MyGabb App and my other child can only communicate with people I approve as a contact as well.

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    Hi @Space and @ItsMaggie

    @ItsMaggie is correct, currently the dialer app on our Gabb Phone 3 Pro does not allow the child user to delete recent calls. This is for parents who choose not to use contact management and want to have conversations with their child about who they're calling etc.

    That being said, our Gabb Phone 3 Pro supports contact management through the Gabb Messenger Parent app on iOS. Check out this discussion for more info on that!


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